Patio, Block Paving & Decking Cleaning

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    Patio Cleaning

    Our professional patio cleaning services is one of our most popular services alongside our Driveway cleaning. We pride ourselves on being efficient and spotless. We make sure that the service we provide is exactly what our customers require. Any size job welcome.

    We can either just provide the patio cleaning service or we can also provide a clean and protect surface to help your patio last longer. Please request more details on the level of service you require, and you can request a free quote.

    Block Paving Cleaning

    Block Paving cleaning is the type of task that requires a specialist. It can be so easy to try and clean and lose or take out the sand or mortar that is holding the paving in place and keeping it level.

    Imprinted Concrete Paving

    This type of concrete tends to have hard to clean areas that takes knowledge and experience to get into the crevasses in the imprint. We are also able to assist with Sealing of the concrete as we are Smart Seal installers which can help keep your imprinted concrete looking good for longer.

    Decking Cleaning

    Decking Cleaning

    Maddins decking cleaning service is one of the best in Essex. Ensuring that your outside space can serve you for years to come. We can clean your decking from dirt, algae, and moss to ensure the wood lasts longer than it would if left untouched.

    We use Jet washing to clean the surface of your decking and into the grooves and hard to reach areas to bring it back to life. This gives our customers satisfaction and saves them from having to spend time cleaning and can use the time to enjoy it instead.

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